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A place to manifest our dreams and become creators

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Education as our centre

We are an E/Co-School (Energy/Community-School) located in Bacalar, Mexico.

We believe education is the key for future generations to stay connected to their humanity and nature, developing a sense of belonging towards Mother Earth.

The activities in our community seek to raise your vibration, therefore, it is a space free of alcohol, drugs, and smoke. We promote vegetarian and vegan diets.


This is a safe space to listen to yourself, give yourself the time to feel and discover who you really are, and thus free yourself in a safe space where you will find support.

We like to call it "Kinder Garden", since we allow our most innocent child to show up without judgment and freedom. So as a kid, make your staying as an act of creation. Allow yourself to imagine and stay open to know new things about the experience we call "Life".

Our Main Schools


Legatto Harmony & Music Institute

Legatto Institute is a school focused on harmony applied for sound and visuals through music and sacred geometry; taking its students beyond music indistry by experiencing their own spirituality through these tools.

Clairvoyance School W

Clairvoyance & Spiritual School

As we dive deep into subtle realms of our daily dream, we find ourselves able to perceive beyond "the normal". In this school, you learn to open your heart and your mind through spiritual tools and community life.

Nahua Yoga

Toltec-Vedic School

Mexican ancient philosophy becomes practical in modern times. It mysteriously complements ancient wisdom from India. In this school, we share the ancient practices in meditation, movement, and food coming from these 2 major cultures.

The Core Team

Fotos Daniel

Daniel Tellez

Community Leader - Healer & Yoga Instructor

Fotos EresF

Eres Reyes

School Founder - Clairvoyance Master

Fotos Julia

Julia Gehlen

Community Management - Healer & Guide

Fotos Maritza

Elida Maritza Barrera

Community Management - Clairvoyant

Fotos Hunab Amaya

Hunab Amaya

Conceptual Designer - Music Guide

Fotos Stina Ziegler

Stina Ziegler

Digital Community Management - Healer